Andrew R McHugh

UX Designer of New Futures

I use my diverse background to help humans and computers interact. I just completed my M.A. at Carnegie Mellon University and at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute in Portugal, studying human-computer interaction with a focus on virtual reality. Recently I explored the user experience design implications for virtual reality in an internship called Humane Virtuality.

Previously, I cofounded, designed, and produced a curiosity-inspired platform, The What If…? Conference. After three and a half years, I left to design and develop user experiences. In April 2016, my first children’s book The Book of What If…? was published by Beyond Words / Aladdin (an imprint of Simon & Schuster). My work has been featured in news outlets including the Wall Street Journal and Silicon Prairie News.

Actively curious about many things, I have a background in design, philosophy, technology and people, mathematics, and physics. During my undergraduate years, I built a bikeshare program, led a movement for systematic sustainability change, and researched brain-computer interfaces and digital divide/differentiation problems. In my free time, I tinker on side projects and listen to music louder than necessary.

Selected Projects


Transparent Consumer Banking in an Opaque Market

Shows that I can create understandable moments out of complexity. I can manage a team and a long-term project through phases of user research, design, and prototyping.

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Humane Virtuality

Researching the future of UX in VR with week-long sprints

Shows that I have determination and can define a project, design for the problem, create quick prototypes, and do user testing. I am interested in the implications of VR.

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Moral Decision-Making and Haptic Feedback in Virtual Environments

An Exploration of the Trolley Problem

Shows that I am curious about fundamental questions in VR. Featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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Interactive installation that combats media-bias

Shows that I can design installations that utilize mobile phones and a 3D space and also prototype them in VR.

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What If…? Conference & Book

Active Curiosity to the Max

Shows my entrepreneurial nature. I can manage a team and a large scale event over multiple years. And, I've published a young adult book.

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Citizen Science & Sonification

Shows that I think outside of the box. I care about human problems and how design can help.

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Virtual Reality Jenga

A Port of the Block Game

Shows that I experiment with new I/O methods (e.g. VR, Leap Motion).

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